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A Fresh Approach to East Bay Real Estate

Getting Ready for the Market

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One of my earliest listings was a Trust sale with the Trustee living on the East coast. We met at the Berkeley hills house to sign the listing agreement and review what needed to be done – practically everything! For the next few months we communicated via email – me sending her estimates for work needed – and snail mail – she sending me checks to pay contractors.
Each house has different needs as does each transaction. A few things are constant. We always meet with sellers and discuss their situation and needs. Once those have been established, we can walk through the house and determine how to meet those needs. Occasionally a large remodel with various contractors is required to get the sellers where they are trying to go and other times paint and staging will work just fine.
Another thing which is constant is our focus on the seller’s needs. If the plan doesn’t yield the seller the return on investment they’re seeking, then the plan needs to be changed. Sometimes a kitchen remodel isn’t required to refresh what is currently there – we help you see the distinction and review the options with you.
Over the years, we have developed close relationships with workers and contractors to provide our clients with the best in renovation, painting and repairs, landscaping, staging and color consultation. We are consistent in our approach. We make sure your house shows at its best which includes expert preparation and strategic marketing. Over the years we have successfully guided hundreds of people through their real estate transactions.

Long Cordeiro Team 155-EditWhether you’re re-designing your current home or are making a move, we’re here for you.


Bay Area Home Prices by Transit Stop

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It’s no secret Bay Area home prices are among the highest in the country, but Estately wanted to show how those prices vary depending on which BART or Caltrain stop a home is near. To do this, Estately Real Estate Search analyzed the last six months of home sales for houses, townhouses, and condos that were within a one-mile radius of each BART and Caltrain transit stop. We then broke them down by price per square foot.

At an average of $1,630 per square foot, Caltrain’s California Avenue stop in Palo Alto is the Bay Area’s most expensive transit stop to buy a home near. Pittsburg/Bay Point BART stop, the furthest from downtown San Francisco, is the least expensive at $219 per square foot on average.

For transit maps and additional information, please connect with the source article at Estately.


Loyalty Programs

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Golden Ticket


Help a friend; refer a friend…
Years ago, before computers, before the internet and, dare we say it, before social media, when you were pleased with a product, a brand, a representative or a store you would mention it to your friends verbally – either in person or on the phone.
You were helping your friends avoid charlatans and allowing them to replicate your positive experience, promote your favorite salon, mechanic, doctor, etc. The circle usually returned back to you and you benefited from a friend’s research or experience on something else.
Loyalty Programs, with roots dating to the 19th century, really kicked in with trading stamps (received and collected from various merchants) and used to purchase additional products at redemption centers. Sounds very similar to some of the early frequent flyer programs. People were encouraged to save box tops and labels (think UPC codes) for future discounts, gifts, and awards.
Other Loyalty Programs came in the form of prizes, usually aimed at children (think Happy Meals and Cracker Jacks!), for purchasing a product.
Which brings us to today – here and now. We work very hard to provide you, our friends and family, with our personal best in real estate. Wanting to share this positive experience with friends – and perhaps to avoid a charlatan along the way – many of you have recommended our services. For that we are very grateful.
One part of our Loyalty Program is the promise to provide this experience to all your referrals – friends, family, anyone you send our way. The other part is to thank you with a meal at your favorite restaurant, or perhaps one you’ve been meaning to try, in the form of a gift certificate.
To refresh your memory of what it is like to work with us, please click HERE to see what some of you have said.

We wish you a wonderful and prosperous 2016 and thank you in advance for your continued loyalty – Heidi and Dana


A different kind of house…

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Cottages StartEvery December we build small cottages by “glueing” graham cracker pieces together with royal icing. It’s great to see the cottages lined up on the dining room table as they dry – the royal icing forming a line of snow around the cottage and along the roof line. In my mind’s eye they are part of a small hamlet in a remote mountain village, cut off from the world by winter weather.

Once dry, they are bagged up and ready to travel to children who will build their own fantasy world more colorful than one I envisioned. When completed, their cottages become part of a village created without boundaries but with imagination and laughter, something to warm their hearts in a chilly world.

Though they’ll never be inhabited, the joyful fun in the process is memorable.

Cottage 14


Woolenius who?

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5925 Dover 19 smallThis mission scene is the centerpiece of the fireplace and, actually, the living room of a well kept split level bungalow we’ve just sold in North Oakland. It seems particularly at home in this living room because the seller was born in Spain and probably grew up in a similar tableau.

Our photographer knows we like details, so he was happy to get a shot. Here’s what happened: because of the magic of the internet, the property website was viewed by hundreds of colleagues and prospective buyers including a gentleman who loves tiles and knows a lot about them. He asked if he could see the tiles in person and perhaps photograph them. After doing some research, he told us that some of the fireplace tiles were made by Claycraft in Los Angeles, and others by Woolenius, Berkeley. During the heyday of tile, in the 1920’s and 1930’s, workers migrated from one company to another, and this makes it difficult to make attributions. But in any case, as my expert announced, “You have a very nice fireplace with original tiles.” He also said it is pretty much irreplaceable.

Even though we’ve lived here for 30 plus years, neither of us had ever heard of Woolenius. Here’s what we learned: Woolenius was founded by Charles Elsenius, who lived on Woolsey Street, a wonderful east west tree-lined street with many handsome houses near the Berkeley/Oakland border and not very far from………..our scenic fireplace!

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