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A Fresh Approach to East Bay Real Estate

A different kind of house…

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Cottages StartEvery December we build small cottages by “glueing” graham cracker pieces together with royal icing. It’s great to see the cottages lined up on the dining room table as they dry – the royal icing forming a line of snow around the cottage and along the roof line. In my mind’s eye they are part of a small hamlet in a remote mountain village, cut off from the world by winter weather.

Once dry, they are bagged up and ready to travel to children who will build their own fantasy world more colorful than one I envisioned. When completed, their cottages become part of a village created without boundaries but with imagination and laughter, something to warm their hearts in a chilly world.

Though they’ll never be inhabited, the joyful fun in the process is memorable.

Cottage 14



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