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Woolenius who?

Posted on | October 27, 2015 | No Comments

5925 Dover 19 smallThis mission scene is the centerpiece of the fireplace and, actually, the living room of a well kept split level bungalow we’ve just sold in North Oakland. It seems particularly at home in this living room because the seller was born in Spain and probably grew up in a similar tableau.

Our photographer knows we like details, so he was happy to get a shot. Here’s what happened: because of the magic of the internet, the property website was viewed by hundreds of colleagues and prospective buyers including a gentleman who loves tiles and knows a lot about them. He asked if he could see the tiles in person and perhaps photograph them. After doing some research, he told us that some of the fireplace tiles were made by Claycraft in Los Angeles, and others by Woolenius, Berkeley. During the heyday of tile, in the 1920’s and 1930’s, workers migrated from one company to another, and this makes it difficult to make attributions. But in any case, as my expert announced, “You have a very nice fireplace with original tiles.” He also said it is pretty much irreplaceable.

Even though we’ve lived here for 30 plus years, neither of us had ever heard of Woolenius. Here’s what we learned: Woolenius was founded by Charles Elsenius, who lived on Woolsey Street, a wonderful east west tree-lined street with many handsome houses near the Berkeley/Oakland border and not very far from………..our scenic fireplace!



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