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A Fresh Approach to East Bay Real Estate

A different kind of house…

Every December we build small cottages by “glueing” graham cracker pieces together with royal icing. It’s great to see the cottages lined up on the dining room table as they dry – the royal icing forming a line of snow around the cottage and along the roof line. In my mind’s eye they are part […]


Woolenius who?

This mission scene is the centerpiece of the fireplace and, actually, the living room of a well kept split level bungalow we’ve just sold in North Oakland. It seems particularly at home in this living room because the seller was born in Spain and probably grew up in a similar tableau. Our photographer knows we […]


Craftsman Bungalows—Not So Ordinary After All

When my parents brought me home from the hospital, it was to a newly constructed home in the San Fernando Valley.  They arrived just after World War II when there were still orange groves everywhere and the nearby movie studios pretty much defined local culture.  It was all about ranch homes and midcentury design. When […]


What is a house?

            Modern Masterpiece At its most basic, a house is a roof over our heads, a retreat from the world, protection from the elements.  Yet in our experience, most buyers are hunting for something more than 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with a good roof and a big backyard.  That’s […]


Time to nest?

Time to Nest? Humans are not the only creatures experiencing a tight housing market. According to Helen G, old friend and bird watcher extraordinaire, the bird-housing market also seems a little tight this spring. She reports that the bird house outside her kitchen window was built for chickadees but a pair of titmice have taken over […]

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