East Bay Real Estate – A Fresh Approach

A Fresh Approach to East Bay Real Estate

Getting Ready for the Market

One of my earliest listings was a Trust sale with the Trustee living on the East coast. We met at the Berkeley hills house to sign the listing agreement and review what needed to be done – practically everything! For the next few months we communicated via email – me sending her estimates for work […]


Loyalty Programs

  Help a friend; refer a friend… Years ago, before computers, before the internet and, dare we say it, before social media, when you were pleased with a product, a brand, a representative or a store you would mention it to your friends verbally – either in person or on the phone. You were helping […]


A different kind of house…

Every December we build small cottages by “glueing” graham cracker pieces together with royal icing. It’s great to see the cottages lined up on the dining room table as they dry – the royal icing forming a line of snow around the cottage and along the roof line. In my mind’s eye they are part […]


Body Awareness

I’ve always found that going to the Aurora Theatre Company is a sure thing.  The intimate size of the theatre combined with talented actors makes for a theatre experience that is hard to replicate.  The production of Body Awareness, playing now through March 4, reinforced that feeling.  The new comedy by Annie Baker is fast-paced, […]


Humor Abuse

Apart from the clowns, I don’t think I ever really enjoyed the circus.  That is until I first saw the Pickle Family Circus perform.  It was for me, like all good entertainment, all consuming and absolutely captivating.  Enjoying their Berkeley performances in the 1970’s and 80’s, nephew and niece in tow, was always a magical […]

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