East Bay Real Estate – A Fresh Approach

A Fresh Approach to East Bay Real Estate

Super Sundays ahead

This is the first column we wrote for the Hills Publications, (Berkeley Voice, Albany Journal, Montclarion, Piedmonter, etc) back in late January, 1995.  The market was still in a bit of a slump at that time.  It was a year or two later when we started to say, “Boy, prices have been going up for […]


Market News: Spring 2010

Most of us do not mind paying the bill when we go out to lunch.  We might sometimes go to a restaurant where we know the food is good and the prices are modest and feel satisfied that we received a good value, maybe even a good deal.  But we don’t really expect to get […]


Market News: Winter 2008/2009

By Jerry Long Here is some interesting information. On the sunny November Sunday morning following the election of Barack Obama to be our next president, there are, according to the MLS, 172 single family homes for sale in Albany, Berkeley and the Oakland zip codes 94618 and 94609. The average number of days these 172 […]