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A Fresh Approach to East Bay Real Estate

Why Cook?

Epicurious Garden, Chez Panisse, Cheeseboard, Off The Grid Wednesday Food Trucks, Thursday Farmers’ Market–Why Cook?


Living in Northbrae and Loving It!

(Reprinted from the American Planning Association website in 2011) NORTHBRAE / Berkeley, CA Nestled in the rolling foothills amidst outcroppings of volcanic rock, Northbrae stands out for its spectacular vistas of San Francisco Bay, environmentally sensitive design, connections to a unique network of 136 paths and steps crisscrossing Berkeley, and two nearby commercial areas for […]



Welcome to Central Berkeley… A diverse and friendly neighborhood located near to transportation and urban amenities but with a small town feel. There is a great sense of community here where neighbors look out for each other and sometimes develop lasting friendships. This seller and her neighbors to the north built a gate between their […]


The Lower Hills

Well before today’s Green movement, Berkeley’s first developers were pioneers in shaping an urban landscape where architecture exists in harmony with nature. It was at the beginning of the last century that the residential streets in the Berkeley hills were plotted out, not on a grid pattern, but following the contours of the land and […]


Where Elmwood Meets Rockridge

Eton Avenue is one of those great Berkeley streets—beautifully tree-lined, with a variety of home styles and a diversity of residents—uniquely located at the intersection of three popular neighborhoods—Elmwood, Claremont and The Rockridge. These neighborhoods developed just before the turn-of-the-19th-century as fashionable suburbs for San Franciscans. A few Victorians were erected before 1900, but the […]