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Perfect Spring Dinner

Posted on | May 27, 2011 | No Comments

Tonight we enjoyed the perfect spring dinner, and you can, too.

First I stirred together olive oil, a tablespoon each of sherry vinegar, lemon juice, and pomegranate molasses, brown sugar, and shakes of ground sumac, salt and pepper, and this did double duty as marinade and salad dressing..

Then I poured a little over 3 pieces of just caught salmon from Monterey Fish, while I toasted some pita pieces in an olive oil, sumac, salt and pepper mixture.

Sliced some rhubarb and put it on the stove with some strawberry jam and sugar. It’s ready when it has just started to fall apart.

Chopped cucumber, tomatoes, green pepper, and lots of mint, parsley and basil from the garden.

Put it all together: Salmon into a hot oven for about 12 minutes. Stirred the cooled off pitas and vegetables into the dressing. Ready to serve with a glass of yummy rose from the Gourmet Ghetto outpost of Vintage Berkeley.

Dessert is rhubarb compote over ice cream.

Bon appétit!



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