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The Gustatorial Me

Posted on | April 13, 2012 | No Comments

Just about a week ago, I had the pleasure of walking through a wonderful house in the Elmwood neighborhood of Berkeley that was designed in 1907 by one of Berkeley’s most esteemed early architects. What made this walk through especially interesting was that my clients and I were walking through with David Trachtenberg, who is one of Berkeley’s most esteemed architects of today. He lives in Elmwood and had graciously offered to have a look at this house and help my clients envision updates that would maintain the home’s wonderful character while maximizing its livability for a modern day family.

Well I had heard of David many times before, and after spending this time with him, I wanted to know more about what exactly he has built in Berkeley. Going to his website, I learned that he has been responsible for building or renovating many familiar and wonderful buildings in the past 20 years including KPFA, the Rose Grocery, and Backroads.

Being a certified “foodie”, you know what really caught my eye? His tab “Gustatorial Projects.” Gustatorial, is that even a word? My grammar checker doesn’t think so. Apparently David has also had a hand in lots of favorite local eateries and food purveyors including LaFarine Bakery, Acme Bread, Saul’s Deli, and the original Berkeley Bowl Marketplace. Sounds like he’s having a fabulous career. And probably eating well, too. I’ll see you at his latest, Comal in downtown Berkeley, when it opens next month!

And don’t you think these chard stems have architectural aspirations of their own?



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