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Loyalty Programs

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Golden Ticket


Help a friend; refer a friend…
Years ago, before computers, before the internet and, dare we say it, before social media, when you were pleased with a product, a brand, a representative or a store you would mention it to your friends verbally – either in person or on the phone.
You were helping your friends avoid charlatans and allowing them to replicate your positive experience, promote your favorite salon, mechanic, doctor, etc. The circle usually returned back to you and you benefited from a friend’s research or experience on something else.
Loyalty Programs, with roots dating to the 19th century, really kicked in with trading stamps (received and collected from various merchants) and used to purchase additional products at redemption centers. Sounds very similar to some of the early frequent flyer programs. People were encouraged to save box tops and labels (think UPC codes) for future discounts, gifts, and awards.
Other Loyalty Programs came in the form of prizes, usually aimed at children (think Happy Meals and Cracker Jacks!), for purchasing a product.
Which brings us to today – here and now. We work very hard to provide you, our friends and family, with our personal best in real estate. Wanting to share this positive experience with friends – and perhaps to avoid a charlatan along the way – many of you have recommended our services. For that we are very grateful.
One part of our Loyalty Program is the promise to provide this experience to all your referrals – friends, family, anyone you send our way. The other part is to thank you with a meal at your favorite restaurant, or perhaps one you’ve been meaning to try, in the form of a gift certificate.
To refresh your memory of what it is like to work with us, please click HERE to see what some of you have said.

We wish you a wonderful and prosperous 2016 and thank you in advance for your continued loyalty – Heidi and Dana



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