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A Fresh Approach to East Bay Real Estate

Provence in Berkeley

  My friend Blanche is spending the year in Provence.  She’ll meet her family in Paris for the holidays, but basically she’s staying in Provence and reports that it is very hard work to obtain the visa for a year in France.  It involves standing in long lines for many, many hours in Nice.  That […]


Easy Mediterranean Feast

In the past 25 years, I’ve eaten my way through France, Italy and Mexico. In 2004 I discovered the wonderful foods of Spain during a whirlwind trip to Andalusia with friend Suzanne. We ate tapas everywhere, but also wonderful wild mushrooms sauteed with eggs outside Ubeda, shrimp pancakes and octopus salad in Sanlucar, paella in […]


Chowder for Supper

Heidi is currently touring the Eastern Seaboard, thus chowder is on our minds.  This article comes from Heidi’s archives: I worked all day, and came home to some chunks of salmon salvaged from a delicious dinner last weekend and the challenge of luring the kids into liking another meal featuring salmon. Easy solution: a chowder I […]


Stale Bread

What to do with it? Here’s a cross-cultural approach! There are the usual fixes: French toast (especially made with challah – yum), bread pudding, croutons, Italian frittata. Over the holidays I usually have an Italian panettone (this is a fruited bread) and the next day I turn it into an English trifle. Jerry and I […]


Escape the Winter Doldrums

Short of a tropical vacation, it’s hard to escape the winter doldrums. But I have just the little sauce to put a spark into your meals right about now. Called Salsa Verde (in Italy), or Sauce Verte (in France), it is a distant cousin of Pesto (or Pistou), not to be confused with the Mexican […]

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